Opening of St. Mary's Academy: G2
EST March 1, 2013

Located on the shores of Virginia Beach, St. Mary's Academy is a private school (9-12) and is home to the St. Mary's Knights. Recent successes have caused the school's athletic department and clubs grow and it has just been named one of the top ten schools in the country for academics, athletics and extra curriculars.

Here, students have a chance to live a life full of challenges, think critically, and act responsibly in a global society. We expect only the best from our students, and welcome all of our students to the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

But there's more...

And here comes another admin note from Admin C.

This one won’t be that bad, I promise. But as of today, St. Mary’s Academy: Generation Two has been going strong for six months. As our little family, we have kept it going for almost as long as Generation One. So, I want to thank all of you who have stuck with us through everything. The fact that we’re still going makes me so incredibly happy. You’re all such amazing people, and RPers, and the fact that quite a few of you have been here since the very beginning of SMA makes me ecstatic.

On another note, I’m not sure if we’ve ever made an official announcement, but St. Mary’s bios have officially been moved from our main page, to the sma-students page. You can find all of the most recent versions of the bios there.

As a result of removing the bios from the main, the Admins of St. Mary’s have come up with a way to keep the bios without confusing potential members (or anyone, for that matter). So, we now have an archive page. All original bios can be found here. Just type “/tagged/character name” into the url and the bio should be there!

But seriously, guys. You’re all super amazing, and thank you for helping us keep SMA going strong!

xoxo, Admin C

September 1, 2013