Opening of St. Mary's Academy: G2
EST March 1, 2013

Located on the shores of Virginia Beach, St. Mary's Academy is a private school (9-12) and is home to the St. Mary's Knights. Recent successes have caused the school's athletic department and clubs grow and it has just been named one of the top ten schools in the country for academics, athletics and extra curriculars.

Here, students have a chance to live a life full of challenges, think critically, and act responsibly in a global society. We expect only the best from our students, and welcome all of our students to the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

But there's more...
  • 400+ written biographies
  • 100+ individual roleplayers
  • 6 administrators
  • 5 time zones
  • 4 student deaths
  • 3 main plots
  • 2 separate generations
  • 1 school

This has been the St. Mary’s Academy legacy.

Since it began on June 5, 2012 there have been so many good times and difficult times within our St. Mary’s community, but we are proud to be before you today to join the ranks of other successful roleplays that make their year anniversary.

The three current SMA administrators wanted to thank everyone who participated in our legacy, from past G1 roleplayers to current members of our community. We’ve battled anon hate, time-zone difficulties, and supported each other through a plethora of OOC issues (deaths in the family, moving, bullying, the Boston Marathon bombings) and we can truly say that each member has, in one way or another, left a lasting impression on the entire group.

This is by no means a goodbye — this is a time to pause for thought and think about how something as simple as roleplaying can bring a group together. We are forever grateful to our current members and also welcoming to any one interested in giving our group a try.

- St. Mary’s Academy Administration

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