Opening of St. Mary's Academy: G2
EST March 1, 2013

Located on the shores of Virginia Beach, St. Mary's Academy is a private school (9-12) and is home to the St. Mary's Knights. Recent successes have caused the school's athletic department and clubs grow and it has just been named one of the top ten schools in the country for academics, athletics and extra curriculars.

Here, students have a chance to live a life full of challenges, think critically, and act responsibly in a global society. We expect only the best from our students, and welcome all of our students to the 2013-2014 Academic Year.

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The annual masquerade ball is fast approaching. We have a tentative date set for Thursday, but we will announce the finalized date tonight. So, to make sure you’re availability guides our decision, please click on the following link and select all of the dates and times you are available.

Click here to show us your availability for the Masquerade Ball.

To attend the masquerade, you must RSVP for your character to receive a codename. Instructions on what to do with the codename will be provided later, however if you want to attend, you need a code name for each character.

Click here to RSVP for the annual Masquerade Ball.

To help keep track, we have included a list of characters that have RSVP’d and received a code name. Once you receive your codename, keep it secret until the reveal at the end of the ball. If you forget or lose your codename, ask an admin and we will remind you which one you were given. Trading or swapping code names between characters is not allowed.

Male Students

  1. Daniel Allison
  2. Damien Azure
  3. AJ Bowen
  4. Elijah Bowen
  5. Chandler Burton
  6. Kyle DiLuca
  7. Princeton Gardener
  8. Nathaniel Johnson
  9. Noah Kauffman
  10. Nate Lee
  11. Joey Lewis
  12. Stefano Manfredcini
  13. Cameron Michaels
  14. Kyle Montgomery
  15. Gabriel Moreno
  16. Blake Rivers
  17. Erikson Wellington
  18. Aiden Wolfe
  19. Damon Zorn
  20. Junior Zorn

Female Students

  1. Isobel Bennett
  2. Darcy Cooper
  3. Payton Dalton
  4. Noelle DiLuca
  5. Nicole Elliot
  6. Grace Fletcher
  7. Melody Fletcher
  8. Vivian Fletcher
  9. Hadley Hall
  10. Lacey Ingram
  11. Cassidy King
  12. Mollie LaBelle
  13. Juliet Lee
  14. Adrien Lovett
  15. Delilah Lovett
  16. Felicity Marx
  17. Chelsea Moore
  18. Jocelyn Richards
  19. Alexis Rivers
  20. Cecilia Suit
  21. Francesca Vega
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